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  • On Sunday, the Doctoral Workshop, Educators Keynote and Welcome Reception will be at EADA Business School (Calle Aragó 204, 08011, Barcelona);
  • On MondayTuesday and Wednesday, the conference will be at Pompeu Fabra University – UPF Ciutadella (Calle de Ramón Trías Fargas, 25, 27, 08005 Barcelona), check the campus map here.

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  • We made the most to allow more time to present competitive papers, but due to the number of submissions that was not always possible.
  • When possible, Competitive Papers are allowed 30 minutes and Working Papers 22 minutes. In general Competitive papres are assigned slightly more time than Working Papers.

Instructions for presenters

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  • On Sunday, all activities are in presence;
  • On Monday through Wednesday, all parallel sessions can be accessed via the following links (one for each room).

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Searchable indexes of Sessions and Talks


NumberTitleDateStart timeChairsRoom
Registration & Coffee2023-04-0210:00
1Welcome and Opening of the Doctoral Workshop2023-04-0210:30Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen
Davide Luzzini
Donna Marshall
Auditorium EADA
2JPSM + IPSERA: Reviewing and publishing workshop2023-04-0210:45Steven Carnovale
Carmela Di Mauro
Auditorium EADA
Lunch & Networking (8th floor)2023-04-0212:30
3AEducators' workshop2023-04-0213:30George Zsidisin22
3BPhD session A12023-04-0213:30Hakan Karaosman32
3CPhD session A22023-04-0213:30Helen Walker33
3DPhD session A32023-04-0213:30Salomée Ruel34
3EPhD session A42023-04-0213:30Melek Akın Ateş35
3FPhD session A52023-04-0213:30Hervé Legenvre52
3GPhD session A62023-04-0213:30Steven Carnovale53
3HPhD session A82023-04-0213:30Carmela Di Mauro54
Coffee Break (8th floor)2023-04-0215:00
4APhD session B12023-04-0215:30Kate McLoughlin32
4BPhD session B22023-04-0215:30Carlos Mena33
4CPhD session B32023-04-0215:30Wendy L. Tate34
4DPhD session B42023-04-0215:30Leonardo Marques35
4EPhD session B52023-04-0215:30Jo Meehan52
4FPhD session B62023-04-0215:30Mohammad Eslami53
4GPhD session B72023-04-0215:30Frederik Vos54
5AJPSM Board meeting2023-04-0217:00Carmela Di Mauro
Steven Carnovale
Auditorium EADA
5BPhD students speed networking (8th floor)2023-04-0217:00Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen
Welcome reception (8th floor)2023-04-0218:00
6Opening2023-04-0309:00Davide Luzzini
Donna Marshall
Auditorium UPF
7Keynote speech - The circular economy: Pathways for Purchasing and Supply Chain Executives2023-04-0309:30Auditorium UPF
Coffee Break2023-04-0310:30
8APDW: Evolving PSM capabilities in the face of systemic change2023-04-0311:00Andrea Sordi
Wendy L. Tate
Lydia Bals
8BSustainability-Industry 4.02023-04-0311:00Kati Marttinen40.004
8CSustainability-Sector studies2023-04-0311:00Veronica Leon40.006
8DTeaching PSM2023-04-0311:00Klaas Stek40.008
8EPublic procurement2023-04-0311:00Fredo Schotanus40.010
8FRisk & Resilience2023-04-0311:00Holger Schiele40.012
8GSustainability-Circularity2023-04-0311:00Elmira Parviziomran40.S02
8HSustainability-Inclusivity2023-04-0311:00Minelle SilvaAuditorium UPF
Lunch Break2023-04-0312:30
9APDW: Procurement of innovative solutions to societal problems2023-04-0313:30Louise Knight
Aki Jääskeläinen
Kostas Selviaridis
Katrina Lintukangas
Frederik Vos
9BSustainability-Industry 4.02023-04-0313:30Rita Maria Difrancesco40.004
9CSustainability-Sector studies2023-04-0313:30Rhona Johnsen40.006
9DSustainability-Compliance2023-04-0313:30Remko van Hoek40.008
9EPublic procurement2023-04-0313:30Stephen Kelly40.010
9FRisk & Resilience2023-04-0313:30Roberta Pellegrino40.012
9GSustainability-Circularity2023-04-0313:30Joe Miemczyk40.S02
9HSustainability-Inclusivity2023-04-0313:30Katie KennyAuditorium UPF
Coffee Break2023-04-0315:00
10APDW: How to Enable Systemic Change in Fashion?2023-04-0315:30Donna Marshall
Hakan Karaosman
10BPDW: Social & Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain Management teaching with game-based learning2023-04-0315:30Andrea Sordi
Corine van der Sloot
Noah Schaul
10CSustainability-Sector studies2023-04-0315:30Orsolya Diófási-Kovács40.006
10DStrategic PSM2023-04-0315:30Robert Suurmond40.008
10EPublic procurement2023-04-0315:30Carolina Pedroso40.010
10FRisk & Resilience2023-04-0315:30Paolo Barbieri40.012
10GSustainability-Circularity2023-04-0315:30Anne Quarshie40.S02
10HSustainability-System2023-04-0315:30Christian von DeimlingAuditorium UPF
11ASustainability-Strategy2023-04-0317:15Esteban Koberg40.002
11BSustainability2023-04-0317:15Jesús Diego Castillo40.004
11CSustainability-Sector studies2023-04-0317:15Hakan Karaosman40.006
11DStrategic PSM2023-04-0317:15Alexander Rapp40.008
11EPublic procurement2023-04-0317:15Kostas Selviaridis40.010
11FRisk & Resilience2023-04-0317:15Katri Kauppi40.012
11GSustainability-Carbon2023-04-0317:15Lisa Melander40.S02
11HSustainability-System2023-04-0317:15Madeleine PullmanAuditorium UPF
Dinner at Liceu2023-04-0320:00
12Annual General Meeting2023-04-0408:30Donna Marshall40.S02
13Keynote speech: Workarounds for Systems Change2023-04-0410:0040.S02
Coffee Break2023-04-0411:00
14APDW: Regenerative supply chains2023-04-0411:30Veronica Devenin
Joe Miemczyk
14BPDW: Platform Thinking 4 Supplier Relationship Management2023-04-0411:30Daniel Trabucchi
Tommaso Buganza
Antonella Moretto
Andrea Patrucco
14CDigital2023-04-0411:30Dirk-Jan Kamann40.006
14DStrategic PSM2023-04-0411:30Nathalie Merminod40.008
14EPublic procurement2023-04-0411:30Irina Harris40.010
14FRisk & Resilience2023-04-0411:30Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen40.012
14GRelationship management2023-04-0411:30Richard Calvi40.S02
Lunch Break2023-04-0413:00
15APDW: Meet the Editors2023-04-0414:00Steven Carnovale40.002
15BPDW: The frontier of scope 3 emissions and supply chain transparency2023-04-0414:00Leonardo Marques
Lee Matthews
Dafne Morais
15CDigital2023-04-0414:00Marco Formentini40.006
15DStrategic PSM2023-04-0414:00Vincent Delke40.008
15EPublic procurement2023-04-0414:00Juha-Matti Lehtonen40.010
15FRisk & Resilience2023-04-0414:00Adela Drozdibob40.012
15GRelationship management2023-04-0414:00Maximilian Bock40.S02
Coffee Break2023-04-0415:30
16ASustainability-Supplier development2023-04-0415:45Tobias Rösner40.002
16BSustainability-Modern slavery2023-04-0415:45Jo Meehan40.004
16CDigital2023-04-0415:45Jan Spreitzenbarth40.006
16DInnovation2023-04-0415:45Anton Shevchenko40.008
16EPublic procurement2023-04-0415:45Louise Knight40.010
16FRisk & Resilience2023-04-0415:45Janjaap Semeijn40.012
16GRelationship management2023-04-0415:45Finn Wynstra40.S02
Dinner at Museu Maritim2023-04-0420:00
17ASustainability-Carbon2023-04-0509:00Lisa Ellram40.002
17BSustainability-Transparency2023-04-0509:00Haiyan Lu40.004
17CDigital2023-04-0509:00Per Andersson40.006
17DInnovation2023-04-0509:00Picaud Katia40.008
17EPublic procurement2023-04-0509:00Gyöngyi Vörösmarty40.010
17FSupply chain finance2023-04-0509:00Elisa Medina40.012
17GRelationship management2023-04-0509:00Jakob Rehme40.S02
Coffee Break2023-04-0510:30
18ANo presentation2023-04-0511:0040.002
18BTeaching PSM2023-04-0511:00Laura Menzies40.004
18CDigital2023-04-0511:00Andreas Glas40.006
18DInnovation2023-04-0511:00Thomas Johnsen40.008
18EStrategic PSM2023-04-0511:00Xing Lu40.010
18FSupply chain finance2023-04-0511:00Yasmine Elhenawy40.012
18GRisk & Resilience2023-04-0511:00Christiaan de Goeij40.S02
19Closing session2023-04-0512:1540.S02
Lunch Break2023-04-0512:45


NumberTitleDateStart timeAuthorsSession
IPSERA 2023-s1An investigation into the operational barriers to delivering social value outcomes within UK public procurement2023-04-0213:30Clare Westcott3B
IPSERA 2023-s18Behavioral issues and sustainability practices of suppliers in the textile industry2023-04-0214:10Rahul Sahu3B
IPSERA 2023-s17Innovative supply chain finance solutions for sustainable development2023-04-0213:30Elisa Medina3C
IPSERA 2023-s25Sustainability and Psychological Contract Breaches2023-04-0214:10Vladyslava Snyder3C
IPSERA 2023-s13Transforming public procurement – Seeking innovative sustainable solutions from small and medium enterprises2023-04-0213:30Shantal Kartoidjojo3D
IPSERA 2023-s20Towards supply chain antifragility2023-04-0214:10Wennan Dong3D
IPSERA 2023-s15Together strong or better alone? Investigating interfirm buyer-supplier relationships in low carbon supply chains.2023-04-0213:30Benedikt Steiner3E
IPSERA 2023-s16Innovative B2B negotiations for sustainable procurement2023-04-0214:10Camilla Borsani3E
IPSERA 2023-s11Ultimate customer integration in supply chain management through digital twins2023-04-0213:30Dominik Oehlschläger3F
IPSERA 2023-s23Supply chain analytics for resilience: developing a conceptual framework and exploring demotivating factors2023-04-0213:30Martin Seif3G
IPSERA 2023-s6Role of Supply Chain Digitalisation in Achieving Operational Excellence and Supplier Satisfaction: A Time Series Study2023-04-0214:10Shikha Kalesh, Nadine Kiratli-Schneider and Holger Schiele3G
IPSERA 2023-s28Improving customer service of customized products through segmented planning of inbound manufacturing components2023-04-0213:30Anne Dohmen3H
IPSERA 2023-s27Redefining the modern-day supply chain management professional2023-04-0214:10Mark Soleski3H
IPSERA 2023-s12Procurement ethics and integrity2023-04-0215:30Fanny Chen4A
IPSERA 2023-s21Climate crisis impacts on supply chains2023-04-0216:10Peter Gaggl4A
IPSERA 2023-s29Critical supplier segmentation and transparency in multi-tier supply networks: Effects on buyer ESG risk exposure2023-04-0215:30Jesús Diego Castillo and Maria J. Montes-Sancho4B
IPSERA 2023-s5An investigation of risk in sustainable supply chains to develop a model for decision making2023-04-0216:10Ying Li4B
IPSERA 2023-s7Reducing the climate impact of transport – what adaptations and collaborations make it possible?2023-04-0215:30Luciana Alcantara4C
IPSERA 2023-s24Securing supplier/buyer innovation – behavioural and contractual safeguards2023-04-0216:10Matthias Holtrup4C
IPSERA 2023-s2Supply chain relationships towards circularity - The context of Brazilian manufacturers2023-04-0215:30William Jeferson Vieira de Souza4D
IPSERA 2023-s8Circular procurement2023-04-0216:10Asad Ali Qazi4D
IPSERA 2023-s32From concentration to diversity - the role of public/health sector purchasers as market stewards2023-04-0215:30Steven Borobia4E
IPSERA 2023-s26Public procurement of professional services2023-04-0216:10Matin Taheriruh4E
IPSERA 2023-s14Total Cost of Ownership – the impact of machine learning2023-04-0215:30Richard Turinsky4F
IPSERA 2023-s19Supply chain finance: An ecosystem perspective2023-04-0216:10Gabriele Pirami4F
IPSERA 2023-s22Supply chain finance adoption: Towards a readiness assessment framework2023-04-0215:30Yasmine Medhat Elhenawy4G
IPSERA 2023-s30Supply chain finance: SME perspectives in defense procurement2023-04-0216:10James C. Phelps III4G
IPSERA 2023-1492Sustainability of school food systems in Europe2023-04-0315:30Orsolya Diófási-Kovács and Anna Freund10C
IPSERA 2023-1084Purchasing sustainable urban logistics services An exploratory research in the French context2023-04-0315:52Nathalie Merminod and Thierry Allegre10C
IPSERA 2023-3229Shaping the meta-institutional field of agri-food supply chains – An institutional work perspective2023-04-0316:14Axel Zehendner and Michele Pereira10C
IPSERA 2023-3590IBM’s Sustainability Progress: A Longitudinal Approach Investigating Legitimacy and Authenticity2023-04-0316:36Wendy Tate, Lisa Ellram and Vladyslava Snyder10C
IPSERA 2023-3439[CP] Knowledge spillovers to competitors via suppliers: An empirical exploration and research agenda2023-04-0315:30Matthias Holtrup, Niels J. Pulles and Holger Schiele10D
IPSERA 2023-9027[CP] Supply Network Complexity: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda2023-04-0316:00Melek Akın Ateş and Davide Luzzini10D
IPSERA 2023-550[CP] Supply Chain Leaders as Change Agents2023-04-0316:30Robert Suurmond, Maximillian Körber and Diogo Cotta10D
IPSERA 2023-6336[CP] Practice-based view to value creation in infrastructure procurement2023-04-0315:30Kirsi Lindfors, Aki Jääskeläinen and Iryna Malacina10E
IPSERA 2023-9515[CP] Promotion of cross-border public procurement at a regional and local level: An analysis of activities in selected regions of the EU2023-04-0315:55Christine Freye, Maximilian Hammer, Christian von Deimling and Michael Eßig10E
IPSERA 2023-2898Dyadic capabilities in outcome-based public procurement2023-04-0316:20Kati Loijas, Aki Jääskeläinen and Elina Karttunen10E
IPSERA 2023-7293A systematic literature review on innovative and sustainable competences in the public procurement sector2023-04-0316:40Shantal Kartoidjojo, Carolina Belotti Pedroso, Klaas Stek and Louise Knight10E
IPSERA 2023-7834Resilient supply chains: Evidence from Wuhan, China during the pandemic2023-04-0315:30Ilias Vlachos and Bolun Xu10F
IPSERA 2023-650Supply chain resilience during COVID-19: An exploratory comparison of French and U.S. companies2023-04-0315:52Matias Enz, Salomée Ruel, George Zsidisin, Jill Bernard Bracy, Gladwell Ndungu, Paula Penagos-Rodriguez and Sebastian Jarzebowski10F
IPSERA 2023-3761The impact of COVID-19 on SMEs: Implications for Supply Chain Strategy2023-04-0316:14Paolo Barbieri, Laura Brandolini, Santosh Mahapatra and Byung Gak Son10F
IPSERA 2023-1414[OL] The pharmaceutical sourcing industry's challenges and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic2023-04-0316:36Vikram Chowdhary and Marek Vins10F
IPSERA 2023-693An Investigation into the Relationship among Institutional Pressures, Supply Chain Integration and the Adoption of Circular Economy Practices2023-04-0315:30Tommaso Calzolari, Andrea Genovese and Andrew Brint10G
IPSERA 2023-8563Circular procurement in the renewable energy sector | A case study approach2023-04-0315:52Michela Guida, Camilla Borsani, Antonella Moretto and Federico Caniato10G
IPSERA 2023-657Exploring the transition towards circular supply chains through social innovations: an empirical study of biobased biodegradable food packaging sector2023-04-0316:14Barbara Ocicka and Jolanta Turek10G
IPSERA 2023-3498[OL] Reverse logistics, contract logistics, and sustainable supply chain initiatives: A multiple-case study of Kenyan FMCG industry2023-04-0316:36Vincent Achola and Petwa Malaba10G
IPSERA 2023-8284Narratives beyond growth: Implications for the Purchasing and Supply Management domain2023-04-0315:30Desirée Knoppen, Johannes Heller and Louise Knight10H
IPSERA 2023-5550Proactive contracting and legal design : Enablers of systemic change in purchasing and supply chain management2023-04-0315:52Isabell Storsjö, Piia Kaave and Juho Saloranta10H
IPSERA 2023-6664Exploring sustainable business model development through actor network collaboration - A comparative case study of centralized solar photovoltaic parks in Sweden2023-04-0316:14Amanda Bankel and Lisa Melander10H
IPSERA 2023-5827Demand-side management policies in innovation and sustainable development2023-04-0316:36Gregorio Rius-Sorolla, Alicia Llorca and Sofia Estellés10H
IPSERA 2023-392Exploring the microfoundations of sustainable transformation2023-04-0317:15Herve Legenvre11A
IPSERA 2023-1416Slow and fair? Shifting priorities in supply chains and the interplay between consumption and production2023-04-0317:37Kate McLoughlin and Helen Benton11A
IPSERA 2023-4708Words without deeds and deeds without words: An initial empirical analysis of the intention action gap in corporate sustainability2023-04-0317:59Ruth Schültken, Christoph Bode and Matthias Schlipf11A
IPSERA 2023-6682Operations strategy of impactful hybrid organizations: An inductive theoretical framework2023-04-0318:21Jorge Rodriguez and Esteban Koberg11A
IPSERA 2023-8027Critical nexus suppliers and buyer ESG risk exposure: The role of information disclosure and supply network accessibility2023-04-0317:15Jesús Diego Castillo and Maria J. Montes-Sancho11B
IPSERA 2023-7446Linking secondary plastics suppliers and consuming companies: The Role of Purchasing2023-04-0317:37Katia Picaud-Bello, Lineth Rodríguez-Pellière, Rita Maria Difrancesco and Desirée Knoppen11B
IPSERA 2023-7106[OL] EMBRACING TENSIONS AND CHANGE IN SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: How new perspectives could help SCM in the search for sustainability2023-04-0317:59Jacopo Colombo, Albachiara Boffelli, Matto Kalchschmidt and Hervè Legenvre11B
IPSERA 2023-8833Embracing paradox theory in purchasing and supply management: an extensive and systematic literature review and research agenda2023-04-0318:21Marie-Anne Le Dain, Oihab Allal-Cherif and Hugues Poissonnier11B
IPSERA 2023-4596A multiple case study of Vietnam fashion suppliers: Understanding how institutional pressures impact sustainability practices of fashion suppliers from a developing country2023-04-0317:15Hoang Kim Ngan Ngan Nguyen11C
IPSERA 2023-9737Made in Italy: an investigation of modern slavery in Prato2023-04-0317:37Amy Benstead, Albachiara Boffelli, Filippo Visintin and Hakan Karaosman11C
IPSERA 2023-4093To: An Arrogant Hero; Subject: What You Should Know About Climate Action In Complex Supply Chains2023-04-0317:59Hakan Karaosman, Donna Marshall, Heletje Van Staden and Fabiola Schneider11C
IPSERA 2023-8444[CP] Analysis of purchasing maturity in the discourse of small business managers: The case of the territory of Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana2023-04-0317:15Mickael Cita11D
IPSERA 2023-8699[CP] The strategic selection of LSPs: An examination of the logistics service complexity`s direct and mediated effects on brand sensitivity2023-04-0317:45Alexander Rapp11D
IPSERA 2023-3188[CP] Green marketing in a B2B context – the role of customer trust and eco-labelling awareness2023-04-0318:15Cees J. Gelderman, Kim Janssens, Tim Van der Kooi and Jos Schijns11D
IPSERA 2023-2901Antecedents and enablers of innovation capabilities in public procurement processes2023-04-0317:15Hilde Sætertrø, Elsebeth Holmen and Luitzen de Boer11E
IPSERA 2023-8034Evaluating the innovation impacts of public procurement2023-04-0317:37Oishee Kundu, Elvira Uyarra, Tasos Kitsos, Raquel Ortega Argilés and Mayra Morales11E
IPSERA 2023-1621Innovative Offerings and Isomorphic Pressures2023-04-0317:59Sophie Hunt11E
IPSERA 2023-8731Resilience as a supplier selection criterion in public procurement: relevance, determinants, and indicators from innovative public procurement in Norway2023-04-0317:15Godfrey Mugurusi, Marius Langseth, Deodat Edward Mwesiumo, Nonhlanhla Dube and Eva Šírová11F
IPSERA 2023-8791Public procurement’s role in supply chain resilience: a longitudinal study2023-04-0317:37Esmee Peters, Andrea Patrucco, Christine Harland, Louise Knight, Jane Lynch, Tünde Tátrai, Petra Ferk, Jan Telgen and Fredo Schotanus11F
IPSERA 2023-2469Climate change impacts and their mitigation in public procurement: a municipal case study2023-04-0317:59Peter Gaggl and Katri Kauppi11F
IPSERA 2023-3369[CP] The effect of carbon neutral operations on shareholders’ wealth2023-04-0317:15Gabriele Mauro and Evelyne Vanpoucke11G
IPSERA 2023-6848[CP] Constructing distance to Scope 3 emission targets - Procurement managers’ meaning creation processes2023-04-0317:39Sofia Wiik, Christian Hendriksen and Kim Sundtoft Hald11G
IPSERA 2023-5721[CP] Title: Supplier network engagement in green sourcing: the case of LCA use in the automobile industry2023-04-0318:03Ala Arvidsson and Lisa Melander11G
IPSERA 2023-3557The development of carbon-neutral supply chains – Investigation of stakeholders and influencing factors2023-04-0318:27Benedikt Steiner and Christopher Münch11G
IPSERA 2023-6918Systemic change in purchasing and supply management: A review of 11 years of IPSERA conference proceedings2023-04-0317:15Christine Freye, Christian von Deimling and Michael Eßig11H
IPSERA 2023-6710Supply Chain Management in Response to Climate Change: A Dynamic Systems Approach2023-04-0317:37Ryleen Balawanth, Thayla Zomer and Paulo Savaget11H
IPSERA 2023-7609Reinvigorating ethical sourcing: How ethics of duty and justice can produce transformative systemic change2023-04-0317:59Lee Matthews, Leonardo Marques and Damien Power11H
IPSERA 2023-8813Boundary Spanning in Social Impact Supply Chains: Improving Lives Through Coffee2023-04-0318:21Eugenia Rosca and Madeleine Pullman11H
IPSERA 2023-1228[CP] The impact of Additive Manufacturing adoption on Sustainable Supply Chain performance2023-04-0311:00Alessio Ronchini, Daniel Eyers, Andrew Potter, Antonella Moretto, Jonathan Gosling and Federico Caniato8B
IPSERA 2023-2165[CP] Impact of Blockchain-driven Sustainable Supply Chain Transparency on Supplier Selection: Insights from Choice-based Conjoint Experiment2023-04-0311:30Sukrit Vinayavekhin, Aneesh Banerjee and Feng Li8B
IPSERA 2023-6599[CP] Sustainability meets service procurement: a case study in the ICT service sector2023-04-0312:00Kati Marttinen, Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen, Aleksi Harju and Jukka Hallikas8B
IPSERA 2023-6629An investigation into the role of power in sustainable agri-food supply chains2023-04-0311:00Tim Else, Andrea Genovese and Sonal Choudhary8C
IPSERA 2023-111Bittersweet stories: A text-mining analysis of sustainability regimes in cocoa sector2023-04-0311:22Linh Nguyen, Rob Zuidwijk and Finn Wynstra8C
IPSERA 2023-2251Antecedents for Procurement of Agriculture Commodities by Primary Agriculture Credit Societies (PACS): Way Towards Social Circular Supply Chain in Emerging Economies2023-04-0311:44Vg Venkatesh8C
IPSERA 2023-1143[OL] Sustainability performance measurement in food supply chains in Italy: deep diving into social sustainability2023-04-0312:06Edoardo Copreni, Alessandro Lepori and Verónica León-Bravo8C
IPSERA 2023-7607[CP] The MIMIC Megagame -exploring adaptation of a construction logistics game for online use2023-04-0311:00Karl Bergström, Anna Fredriksson and Monica Billger8D
IPSERA 2023-8672[CP] Teaching supply chain management through megagames2023-04-0311:25Mats Janné and Anna Fredriksson8D
IPSERA 2023-144Real-life learning tool for Global Supply Chain Management course2023-04-0311:50Liubov Pakhomova and Adriana Saraceni8D
IPSERA 2023-4950Developing Strategic Thinking in a Purchasing and Supply Course2023-04-0312:10Klaas Stek8D
IPSERA 2023-5388[CP] Coercive, mimetic and normative influences on the uptake of sustainable public procurement: an institutional perspective2023-04-0311:00Fredo Schotanus and Ruben Nicolas8E
IPSERA 2023-9385The ‘integrated approach’: How municipalities achieve multiple policy objectives in the same public space2023-04-0311:30Ruben Nicolas, Helen Toxopeus and Fredo Schotanus8E
IPSERA 2023-4836What impedes circularity in public procurement? Nudging the purchaser to implement the contracts2023-04-0311:50Sofia Lingegård8E
IPSERA 2023-4264Beyond the Kraljic Matrix: an Updated Purchasing Portfolio Model for Deploying Procurement Strategies in the Public Sector2023-04-0312:10Andrea Patrucco, Zhaohui Wu and Robert Handfield8E
IPSERA 2023-2923Enabling resilience through digital technology in strategic networks: exploring multi-level organizational alignment2023-04-0311:00Poul Houman Andersen, Elsebeth Holmen, Victor Eriksson and Ann-Charlott Pedersen8F
IPSERA 2023-7629Tier X – what’s up?: Sub-supplier resilience for downstream adaptability and upstream visibility2023-04-0311:22Aysu Gocer, Árni Halldórsson and Ceren Altuntas Vural8F
IPSERA 2023-8910The interplay of suppliers' resilience and preferred customer status for supply chain resilience – A multi-echelon study based on first-tier supplier perspective2023-04-0311:44Shikha Kalesh, Nadine Kiratli-Schneider and Holger Schiele8F
IPSERA 2023-6240The interconnection between purchasing structure and supply chain resilience in multi-unit businesses2023-04-0312:06Kamran Rashidi, Arash Azadegan and Carla Gonçalves Machado8F
IPSERA 2023-2573[CP] Barriers to circular economy transition: Evidence from an electric vehicle battery manufacturer2023-04-0311:00Elmira Parviziomran and Viktor Elliot8G
IPSERA 2023-2798[CP] Unlocking Barriers to Circular Procurement Management2023-04-0311:25Asad Ali Qazi and Andrea Appolloni8G
IPSERA 2023-1848Leading role of the circular economy in increasing mutual attractiveness in the buyer-supplier relationship2023-04-0311:50Laurence Viale and Justine Lambolez8G
IPSERA 2023-2917Cross-industrial collaboration for circular economy: exploration of inter-organisational proximity in the supply network2023-04-0312:10Anne Ratsimandresy8G
IPSERA 2023-4666[CP] Sustainable product selection: (when) does gender matter?2023-04-0311:00Katie Kenny, Katri Kauppi and Juri Matinheikki8H
IPSERA 2023-9380[CP] Diversity in strategic leadership as a driver of sustainable supply chain management2023-04-0311:30Alana Vandebeek, Wim Lambrechts and Jelle Mampaey8H
IPSERA 2023-1159[CP] Learning inclusive purchasing through boundary objects: a multi-level perspective2023-04-0312:00Minelle Silva8H
IPSERA 2023-1902Making smart use of smart meters: How to effectively govern the network of actors involved in the Dutch energy transition2023-04-0313:30Tom Aben, Martijn Jonker, Henk Akkermans and Wendy van der Valk9B
IPSERA 2023-8147Tragedy of Common Access: How to Offset Rebound Effects of Mobility-as-a-Service2023-04-0313:52Johan Kask, Petter Braathen and Martin Hanssen9B
IPSERA 2023-7717Online orders fulfillment with lateral transshipment in an omni-channel environment: Trading-off economic and environmental sustainability2023-04-0314:14Isabelle van Schilt, Rita Maria Difrancesco and Matthias Winkenbach9B
IPSERA 2023-5171[OL] Socially Responsible Supply Chain Management in the Industry 4.0 Era: An Exploratory Study2023-04-0314:36Deepak Asokan, Fahian Huq and Christopher Smith9B
IPSERA 2023-5378Green procurement: Collecting evidence on the practice-performance link by employing a meta-analysis2023-04-0313:30Alessa Kozuch, Maurice Langen, Christian von Deimling and Michael Eßig9C
IPSERA 2023-3926Hidden in the dark: a study of animal welfare transparency and opacity in fashion supply networks2023-04-0313:52Rhona Johnsen, Thomas Johnsen, Philip Beske-Janssen and Leonardo Marques9C
IPSERA 2023-6730How important are the challenges confronting organ transplant supply chain systems in Africa?2023-04-0314:14Temidayo Akenroye, Adegboyega Oyedijo, Vishnu C Rajan, George Zsidisin, Marcia Mkamsi and Jamal Elbaz9C
IPSERA 2023-4530[OL] Evolution Of Behavioral Research On E-Waste Management: Conceptual Frameworks And Future Research Directions.2023-04-0314:36Md Shah Newaz and Andrea Appolloni9C
IPSERA 2023-3022[CP] Role of certification agencies in uncertainty aversion and in sustainable practices of suppliers2023-04-0313:30Rahul Sahu and Tarikere T. Niranjan9D
IPSERA 2023-830[CP] Value and cost of certifications in food industry: an analysis of SMEs in Italy2023-04-0314:00Belinda Borrello, Jacopo Colucci and Verónica León-Bravo9D
IPSERA 2023-6021[CP] Study of the Evolution of Supplier Code of Conducts Using Resource Orchestration and Signaling Theory – From Compliance to Progress, From Content to Orchestration2023-04-0314:30Remko van Hoek, Sebastian Brockhaus, Thomas Udesen and Cameron Bujaucius9D
IPSERA 2023-4217Gendered language as a barrier to female-led company participation in public sector tenders: A gender-responsive approach2023-04-0313:30Stephen Kelly, Vojtěch Klézl, Donna Marshall, Nina Hasche, Klaas Stek and Marzena Reszka9E
IPSERA 2023-7960Public procurement for circularity by public-private collaboration – a cross-case of the construction industry2023-04-0313:52Anne-Maria Holma, Sofia Lingegård, Ann Højbjerg Clarke, Luitzen de Boer, Sanna Nieminen, Majbritt Rostgaard Evald and Xinlu Qiu9E
IPSERA 2023-6057Public buyer’s capabilities for purchasing services: A systematic literature review2023-04-0314:14Matin Taheriruh9E
IPSERA 2023-6150The impact of digital capabilities on Public Procurement | A multi-treatment effect analysis on Italian municipalities2023-04-0314:36Michela Guida, Maria Jesús Saénz, Stefano Ronchi and Federico Caniato9E
IPSERA 2023-4591SUPPLY CHAIN PLASTICITY POST DISRUPTIONS? WHAT IS IT AND WHY DOES(?) IT MATTER?2023-04-0313:30Laharish Guntuka, Ellie Falcone and Steven Carnovale9F
IPSERA 2023-594A framework structuring crisis management and supply chain resilience activities in PSM – A systematic literature review2023-04-0313:52Julian Brinkmeyer and Michael Henke9F
IPSERA 2023-6058Different paths to supply chain resilience2023-04-0314:14Martin Seif9F
IPSERA 2023-5857Can Circular Economy strategies serve to mitigate supply risk enhancing firm performances?2023-04-0314:36Roberta Pellegrino, Barbara Gaudenzi and Luca Fraccascia9F
IPSERA 2023-721[CP] [OL] Exploring Circular Supply Chain Designs in B Corps: The Role of Flows and Capabilities2023-04-0313:30Lydia Bals, Kelsey Taylor and Eugenia Rosca9G
IPSERA 2023-8036A comparative analysis of multiple retailer’s food waste strategy and the adoption of Anaerobic Digestion in the UK, US and Australia2023-04-0314:00Daniel Chicksand, Samantha Sandilands, Roshan Boojihawon, Mark Hall, Jakob Rehme, Misty Blessley and Timothy Young9G
IPSERA 2023-1887Sustainable product design for effective end-of-life management: The role of circular economy capabilities2023-04-0314:22Judith Quaicoe, Innocent Senyo Kwasi Acquah and John Gartchie Gatsi9G
IPSERA 2023-898Supplier Diversity: Can Organizations Achieve Social and Economic ROI?2023-04-0313:30Andrea Sordi, Wendy L. Tate and Eugenia Rosca9H
IPSERA 2023-4695Towards institutional logic of inclusiveness: A study of the inclusive purchasing practice institutionalization2023-04-0313:52Salomée Ruel and Minelle Silva9H
IPSERA 2023-9607Does gender matter or not? Meta-analysis on what gender diversity means for sustainable supply chain management2023-04-0314:14Katie Kenny9H
IPSERA 2023-3201[OL] Social strategies adopted by women in logistics: The role of gendered social representations2023-04-0314:36Nejib Fattam, Tarik Saikouk, Blandine Ageron and Meriem Bouazzaoui9H
IPSERA 2023-9864[CP] Human and Technological Factors in Digital Supply Chains: An Interpretive Structural Modelling Analysis2023-04-0411:30Richard Bakker, Wim Lambrechts and Janjaap Semeijn14C
IPSERA 2023-4546Blockchain adoption by SMEs: Evidence from an EU-funded project2023-04-0412:00Alisha Tuladhar, Michael Rogerson, Glenn Parry and Ayşe Begüm Kiliç14C
IPSERA 2023-635Blockchain-as-a-Service Evaluation Framework for IT Sourcing - A Morphological Approach2023-04-0412:20Eugen Buss, Marc Hübschke, Elmar Holschbach and Stefan Lier14C
IPSERA 2023-3151Blockchain use: Why (not)? What the experts tell us2023-04-0412:40Dirk-Jan Kamann and Mandana Gharehdaghi14C
IPSERA 2023-4314Can we design a better advertisement for a SCM job than the AI? An experimental study2023-04-0411:30Vojtěch Klézl, Stephen Kelly, Jan Vašek, Zeinab Rezvani and Ali Farashah14D
IPSERA 2023-6115Evaluating E-Auction Format Selection Criteria2023-04-0411:52Joana G. Matos, Frederik Vos, Aldís Sigurðardóttir and Holger Schiele14D
IPSERA 2023-8650From Portfolios to Levers: The Evolution of Category Management2023-04-0412:14Fabio Fontes, Dr. Holger Schiele, Job Rotmensen and Dr. Vincent Delke14D
IPSERA 2023-3435[OL] Profound changes in global sourcing The country of origin theory and its effects on sourcing decisions2023-04-0412:36Thomas Koerber and Holger Schiele14D
IPSERA 2023-3968City Deals: collaborative procurement or missed opportunity2023-04-0411:30Jane Lynch, Oishee Kundu, Amina Imam and Emyr Williams14E
IPSERA 2023-5005Does SME success in public procurement lead to success in the private sector?2023-04-0411:52Anze Burger, Anthony Flynn and Patricia Kotnik14E
IPSERA 2023-2430Investigation into institutional actors and themes in news coverage on public procurement using computerized analysis2023-04-0412:14Irina Harris and Anthony Flynn14E
IPSERA 2023-1513How does procurement contribute to the development of social sustainability? A study of the hospitality sector in Sweden2023-04-0412:36Sven-Anders Stegare and Jad El Bizri14E
IPSERA 2023-5891[CP] The role of risk management practices in IT service procurement: A case study from the financial services industry2023-04-0411:30Aleksi Harju, Jukka Hallikas, Kati Marttinen and Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen14F
IPSERA 2023-3728[CP] Are minerals the new oil? Mitigating supply risk of lithium-ion batteries2023-04-0412:00Minttu Laukkanen, Jaan-Pauli Kimpimäki and Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen14F
IPSERA 2023-8786[CP] Supply Chain Resilience and Green Supply Chain Management: an empirical analysis on purchasing strategies2023-04-0412:30Gabriella Imbrenda, Gaia Vitrano, Elisa Medina, Guido J. L. Micheli and Federico Francesco Angelo Caniato14F
IPSERA 2023-6709[CP] The impact of suppliers’ CSR controversies on buyers’ market value2023-04-0411:30Yang Yang and Yan Jiang14G
IPSERA 2023-4374[CP] Who dunnit? – buyer, supplier, and arbitrator perspectives to attributing supplier failure under different historical performance patterns2023-04-0411:54Reza Movarrei, Katri Kauppi, Alistair Brandon-Jones, Juri Matinheikki and Erik van Raaij14G
IPSERA 2023-6187[CP] The impact of additive manufacturing on buyer-supplier relationships from a procurement perspective2023-04-0412:18Maximilian Bock, Hendrik Birkel and Evi Hartmann14G
IPSERA 2023-6071Supply management at hardware start-ups? A systematic literature2023-04-0412:42Richard Calvi, Marie Anne Le Dain, Mathieu Cabrol and Lamiae Benhayoun14G
IPSERA 2023-3839An empirical analysis of the impact of smart manufacturing on automotive suppliers’ profitability2023-04-0414:00Francesco Arcidiacono, Alessandro Ancarani, Carmela Di Mauro and Florian Schupp15C
IPSERA 2023-5008Assessing Digital Technology Adoption in Procurement: Empirical Evidence and Research Agenda2023-04-0414:22Silke Herold, Jonas Heller, Frank Rozemeijer and Dominik Mahr15C
IPSERA 2023-6368Exploring digitalization of the purchasing function in product development: Empirical evidence from Swedish manufacturing firms2023-04-0414:44Mohammad Eslami, Frederik Vos, Leona Achtenhagen, Markus Hiltunen and Axel Hagman15C
IPSERA 2023-9460Procurement digitalization: what do we know so far?2023-04-0415:06Marco Formentini and Giorgio Scarton15C
IPSERA 2023-8487Towards understanding agile sourcing – case Finnair mobile app2023-04-0414:00Harri Lorentz, Anna Aminoff and Riikka Kaipia15D
IPSERA 2023-3411Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) within the automotive industry – a DELPHI study approach to determine total cost manifestation2023-04-0414:22Richard Turinsky, Beverly Wagner, Clemens Kupke and Erich Groher15D
IPSERA 2023-1839Demand Forecasting in Manufacturing Pharmaceutical SMEs in Ghana2023-04-0414:44Albert Aidoo-Anderson, Yiannis Polychronakis and Stephen Kelly15D
IPSERA 2023-8837Purchasing manager’s leadership: From a systematic literature review to a research agenda2023-04-0415:06Nathalie Merminod and André Tchokogué15D
IPSERA 2023-5500[CP] Dynamic capabilities in public procurement2023-04-0414:00Elina Karttunen, Aki Jääskeläinen, Iryna Malacina, Katrina Lintukangas, Frederik Vos and Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen15E
IPSERA 2023-6255Bidding process compliance in Finland2023-04-0414:30Ilkka Ikonen and Juha-Matti Lehtonen15E
IPSERA 2023-5567Public Procurement 4.0: implementation barriers and enablers2023-04-0414:50Jan Vašek, Vojtěch Klézl and Ján Sopóci15E
IPSERA 2023-5552Value destruction in public procurement2023-04-0415:10Clare Westcott, Bruce Pinnington and Jo Meehan15E
IPSERA 2023-8771Supply Chain Complexity and Supply Chain Resilience: A literature review2023-04-0414:22Gyusuk Lee15F
IPSERA 2023-7059Developing a supply chain resilience-building framework. Context of long-lasting disasters: Case Covid 192023-04-0414:44Adela Drozdibob and Amrik Sohal15F
IPSERA 2023-4466Avoiding the dark side of the circular economy: Application of radical, systematic, holistic and inclusive actions within the Indo-Swedish textile value chain2023-04-0415:06Mohita G Sharma, Yinef Pardillo Baez and Jenny Backstrand15F
IPSERA 2023-5780[CP] Startups vs. well-established companies. What factors influence suppliers' choices for an attractive customer?2023-04-0414:00Juliano Tessaro, Rainer Harms and Holger Schiele15G
IPSERA 2023-1895Exploring the effects of function-level satisfaction and interaction on supplier performance2023-04-0414:24Davide Burkhart, Christoph Bode and Antonia Kappel15G
IPSERA 2023-707Boomerang effects of relationship-specific knowledge: Buyer-supplier relationship dynamics in the Healthtex Case2023-04-0414:46Poul Houman Andersen and Susanne Åberg15G
IPSERA 2023-6532[OL] Construction of a Relationship Protocol with Suppliers of Strategic Services In a Public Company in the Energy Sector2023-04-0415:08Patrícia Rangel Soares, Liliane Segura and Gustavo Pereira15G
IPSERA 2023-7665[CP] Sustainable supplier development within healthcare - an embedded case study in a hospital setting2023-04-0415:45Dave Doves, Cees J. Gelderman, Janjaap Semeijn and Marjolein Caniëls16A
IPSERA 2023-7167[CP] Supplier development and the adoption of sustainable supplier practices – a power perspective2023-04-0416:07Cees J. Gelderman, Frank Hubers and Fokke Steenhuisen16A
IPSERA 2023-9569[CP] Managing sustainable supplier selection. A performance measurement system.2023-04-0416:29Tobias Rösner16A
IPSERA 2023-8584[CP] The impact of buyers' sustainability-related key performance indicators (KPIs) on suppliers’ sustainability development: a study of Chinese manufacturers2023-04-0416:51Ying Yang, Biao Yang, Hung Nguyen and George Onofrei16A
IPSERA 2023-6726[CP] Modern Slavery in Logistics: An Attention Based View2023-04-0415:45Jo Meehan, Jung-Hsien Chiang and Christina Colgan16B
IPSERA 2023-8704Managing modern slavery risk in asset-light business models: stakeholder perceptions in the hotel industry2023-04-0416:15Maryam Lotfi and Mireia Guix Navarrete16B
IPSERA 2023-8199Modern slavery risk assessment: Due diligence in the labour supply chains of long-term care2023-04-0416:35Caroline Emberson16B
IPSERA 2023-7881The role of worker voice in social audits: hearing Leicester2023-04-0416:55Amy Benstead, Victoria Stephens, Erica Charles, Helen Goworek, Dane Lukic and Jennifer Wascak16B
IPSERA 2023-7440[CP] Designing a requisition bundling recommendation engine2023-04-0415:45Jan Spreitzenbarth, Christoph Bode and Heiner Stuckenschmidt16C
IPSERA 2023-3408[CP] Supplier Connectivity: How to Gain Supplier Acceptance for the Integration of Digital Supply Chain Systems2023-04-0416:15Shikha Kalesh, Nadine Kiratli-Schneider and Holger Schiele16C
IPSERA 2023-1546[CP] Green purchasing as a catalyst for suppliers’ compliance to environmental standards: e-grocery perspective2023-04-0416:45Marcia Mkansi and Phumlani Masilela16C
IPSERA 2023-7421[CP] A dynamic capability view at project level of the link between open innovation and strategy2023-04-0415:45Romaric Servajean-Hilst and Sebastien d'Herbes16D
IPSERA 2023-8873Social acceptance of novel technologies: Towards understanding the legitimacy of small modular reactors2023-04-0416:15Anton Shevchenko and Goran Calic16D
IPSERA 2023-8842Bringing innovation to hospitals: transitioning from costs to value2023-04-0416:35Carolina Belotti Pedroso, Martin Beaulieu and Frederik Vos16D
IPSERA 2023-4009[OL] The Impact of Circular Purchasing on Business innovation2023-04-0416:55Adel Aloui, Naouel Makaoui and Richard Calvi16D
IPSERA 2023-7719Life cycle cost in public procurement: Insights from a survey taking the supplier's perspective2023-04-0415:45Moritz Brandstetter, Franziska Binder, Christian von Deimling and Eßig Michael16E
IPSERA 2023-7728Innovation contests in public procurement: challenges as a new instrument?2023-04-0416:07Julia Werneth, Christian von Deimling and Michael Eßig16E
IPSERA 2023-3751Preventing asymmetry of information with market stewarding - A system dynamic modelling analysis of public procurement2023-04-0416:29Steven Borobia, Fons Wijnhoven and Louise Knight16E
IPSERA 2023-7509Negotiating in public sector procurement: a systematic literature review2023-04-0416:51Stephen Kelly, Yiannis Polychronakis and John Israilidis16E
IPSERA 2023-8597[CP] The impact of supply-facing risk infrastructure on firm resilience: Insights from the Covid-19 crisis2023-04-0415:45Ala Arvidsson, Patrik Jonsson and Riikka Kaipia16F
IPSERA 2023-8675[CP] Ensuring chip supply for automakers: A social network perspective2023-04-0416:15José Augusto Campos Garcia, Ala Arvidsson and Patrik Jonsson16F
IPSERA 2023-1377[CP] Strengthening supply chain resilience: the role of soft skills and hard skills2023-04-0416:45Talia Stough, Jochem Luteijn, Wim Lambrechts, Jessica Klaver and Janjaap Semeijn16F
IPSERA 2023-2484Sensemaking and sensegiving in the aftermath of buyer-supplier relationship disruptions2023-04-0415:45Carolina Kertz and Felix Reimann16G
IPSERA 2023-9709Understanding the ethical decision making of procurement professionals: a vignette study2023-04-0416:07Fanny Chen and Finn Wynstra16G
IPSERA 2023-4586Capability buffers to minimise future disruptions and improve sustainability: a consortium network case2023-04-0416:29Nikolai Kazantsev16G
IPSERA 2023-9502The integration of purchasing in high-tech development projects – focusing on internal and external integration2023-04-0416:51Joakim Aspeteg, Jakob Rehme and Johan Holtström16G
IPSERA 2023-7831Transport procurement and climate impact: State of the art and future research directions2023-04-0509:00Dan Andersson, Anna Dubois, Kajsa Hulthén and Linda Styhre17A
IPSERA 2023-9636A Roadmap to Net-Zero GHG Emissions2023-04-0509:22Wendy Tate and Lisa Ellram17A
IPSERA 2023-7981Sustainable procurement practices and environmental performance: An exploratory study of Sustainable Supplier Relationship Management in a Finnish manufacturing firm2023-04-0509:44Elizabeth Edgal and Anne-Maria Holma17A
IPSERA 2023-8719Too little too late? How can and must the supply chains of German manufacturers be made more transparent in order to meet general and legal sustainability requirements?2023-04-0509:00Jörn-Henrik Thun and Carsten Reuter17B
IPSERA 2023-7984The impact of digital traceability and sustainability-oriented innovation on sustainability performance: Empirical evidence in food chain2023-04-0509:22Xiongyong Zhou and Haiyan Lu17B
IPSERA 2023-9346Will non-financial reporting requirements drive radical transformation in supply chain management?2023-04-0509:44Rima Elsayed and Bruce Pinnington17B
IPSERA 2023-146[OL] Digital Transformation leading to Transparency and Traceability of food supply chains2023-04-0510:06Asterios Stroumpoulis and Evangelia Kopanaki17B
IPSERA 2023-4462Artificial intelligence in public procurement: Perceived challenges, applications and value creation in early phases of AI adoption2023-04-0509:00Per Andersson, Katarina Arbin and Christopher Rosenqvist17C
IPSERA 2023-6299Digital purchasing practices and trust in a turbulent environment2023-04-0509:22Wilbert Baerwaldt, Louise Bildsten and Andreas Norrman17C
IPSERA 2023-8450Implementing AI in Source to Contract operations - how procurement managers in a global organization make sense of AI opportunities and inhibitors2023-04-0509:44Per Andersson, Christopher Rosenqvist, Hadia Nadeem and Isabella Cramner17C
IPSERA 2023-9548Digital transformation to increase Procurement value creation2023-04-0510:06Jean Potage17C
IPSERA 2023-8031Identifying and navigating the innovation complexities across supply networks using attractors: A multi-level perspective2023-04-0509:00Iryna Malacina and Katrina Lintukangas17D
IPSERA 2023-1600Building relational capital in service ecosystems for innovation: Evidence from the tourism sector2023-04-0509:22Katia Picaud-Bello, Rhona Johnsen and Anass Allouch17D
IPSERA 2023-7979[OL] Procurement transformation journey created by a Brazilian bank in a unique way2023-04-0509:44Douglas Klimak17D
IPSERA 2023-3750[OL] Competences for sustainability and innovation in purchasing and supply management: The employers’ perspective2023-04-0510:06Volker Koch, Marco Berger and Daniel Rabel17D
IPSERA 2023-6672The payoff of public procurement reforms on the efficiency of procurement processes2023-04-0509:00Marly Tatiana Celis Galvez, Fredo Schotanus and Vitezslav Titl17E
IPSERA 2023-899Circular soil and rock masses – a public-private relational mess2023-04-0509:22Anna Fredriksson, Mats Janné, Kristina Lundberg and Linnea Eriksson17E
IPSERA 2023-7096Responses to economic challenges in public procurement2023-04-0509:44Tünde Tátrai and Gyöngyi Vörösmarty17E
IPSERA 2023-9333From ad-hoc to structured contract management – a longitudinal case study in public procurement2023-04-0510:06Marius Langseth, Jan Ole Similiä and Deodat Mwesiumo17E
IPSERA 2023-3505[CP] Supply Chain Finance Program from a cross disciplinary approach : An applied study to the European Automotive Industry2023-04-0509:00Julia Guinchard-Nascimento and Dora Triki17F
IPSERA 2023-1426Broadening the purposive scope of supply chain financing: Insights from a focus group of anchor corporations2023-04-0509:30Calvin Klein17F
IPSERA 2023-9235Sustainable Supply Chain Finance: stakeholders’ pressures and potential impacts on SC sustainability2023-04-0509:52Elisa Medina, Federico Francesco Angelo Caniato and Antonella Maria Moretto17F
IPSERA 2023-7534[CP] Supplier dependence and innovation performance: Evidence from Chinese manufacturing industry2023-04-0509:00Fu Jia, Qinru Wang, Lujie Chen, Ming K Lim and Ying Yang17G
IPSERA 2023-727A contractor perspective on inter-organizational collaboration in programs2023-04-0509:30Gijsbert Van de Waerdt, Leentje Volker, Lynn Vosman and Hans Voordijk17G
IPSERA 2023-1019The dynamic nature of trust in the purchasing and supply processes2023-04-0509:52Rainer Breite17G
IPSERA 2023-612Evolution in Teaching Supply Chain Management: Impact of Sustainability2023-04-0511:00Laura Menzies and Matthew Tickle18B
IPSERA 2023-7264Developing interdisciplinary higher education to support sustainable and systemic change in the Arctic area2023-04-0511:22Marika Tuomela-Pyykkönen and Sanna Tyni18B
IPSERA 2023-7663[OL] Proposal to identify organizational problems for research in purchasing.2023-04-0511:44Jessica Da Costa Cruz, Bruna Mendes, Camila Rorato, Gustavo Pereira and Fabio Cerquinho18B
IPSERA 2023-5962[CP] Barriers and success factors for performance-based contracting: Tackling the black box of PBC implementation2023-04-0511:00Cornelia Ebadi, Andreas H. Glas and Michael Eßig18C
IPSERA 2023-3722Exploring the Status Quo of Software Supply Chains2023-04-0511:30Maximilian Holzner, Ronja Frühbeis, Andreas Glas and Michael Eßig18C
IPSERA 2023-7751Incentivising high-quality data acquisition: Contrasting different incentive-based data purchasing approaches2023-04-0511:52Dominik Oehlschläger, Kübra Ates, Andreas Glas and Michael Eßig18C
IPSERA 2023-1109Towards a research methodology for studying cross-functional integration in PSM – Demonstrating the case of integrating open source management2023-04-0511:00Florian N. Paffrath and Michael Henke18D
IPSERA 2023-7406Scouting for Innovation: Bridging Roles of Scouting Services Providers2023-04-0511:22Thomas Johnsen, Francois Constant and Osama Meqdadi18D
IPSERA 2023-5811Organisational innovation and sustainability: the critical role of procurement2023-04-0511:44John Israilidis, Yiannis Polychronakis and Stephen Kelly18D
IPSERA 2023-2721Procurement Strategy Development with Consideration of CSR: A SME context2023-04-0511:00Xing Lu and Mona Wappler18E
IPSERA 2023-986[OL] How procurement strategy as an instrument for good drove change management in an immature procurement environment: the case of ABS University2023-04-0511:22Simon Croom18E
IPSERA 2023-9865[OL] Dark side of procurement systems: Look back at the USPS Team case in the 2000s2023-04-0511:44Gilles Paché18E
IPSERA 2023-3440Readiness Assessment of Supply Chain Finance Adoption2023-04-0511:00Yasmine Elhenawy and Mona Ali18F
IPSERA 2023-7255On the Sustainability and Transparency of Supplier Payments: How Name-and-Shame Shortens Payment Periods in the Supply Chain2023-04-0511:22Btissam Moncef and Andrew Zylstra18F
IPSERA 2023-8160[OL] The contribution of Digital Transformation to the increase of Financial Performance of Supply Chain Management: A conceptual framework2023-04-0511:44Asterios Stroumpoulis, Polyxeni G. Tsitsiri, Panagiotis G. Artikis and Evangelia Kopanaki18F
IPSERA 2023-2378Cash is king? Trade-offs and overlaps between working capital and resilience in supply chains2023-04-0511:00Christiaan de Goeij and Luca Gelsomino18G
IPSERA 2023-1646Automotive supply chains and the war in Ukraine2023-04-0511:22Efthymia Kottika, Ioannis G. Theodorakis, Marek Vins, Aysegul Ozsomer, Konstantinos Kottikas and Miroslav Karlíček18G
IPSERA 2023-7664The development of Industry 4.0 technologies in the context of supply chain supply chain risk management: an outlook into the year 20352023-04-0511:44Hendrik Birkel18G